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Hey guys! So I thought today i'd quickly tell you about a foundation that I have been LOVING and have re-purchased quite a few times. Yes, it's the bare minerals powder foundation. If you haven't tried this foundation out you HAVE to! I thought everybody knew about this foundation, until today when I was applying it in the bathroom and one of my friends asked me if she could use it. I gave her the foundation and the brush (brush was eco tools stippling brush. I will tell you about the brush later) she applied it and was amazed! She said she had bought bare minerals before but it didn't really work with her skin, but she was so surprised about how well the foundation covered up her spots.
 I have used quite a few foundations before from Natural collection (never again!) to MAC studio finish foundations but i'd never found one that had given me this good a coverage before. I was also amazed the first time I used it.
 If you have never been to a bare minerals store before, let me tell you its a good experience. Everyone is always so eager to help so you won't have any trouble in looking for a person to ask. They will ask you if you have ever used bare minerals before and if you haven't they will sit you down and do your make up with their products to let you see which ones you like. This is what happened when I went in and I told her I was looking for a foundation. So she sat me down, matched my colour and did my  makeup beautifully. Their products are however a little pricey. I was only looking for a foundation so thats only what I wanted to buy, however she kept pushing me to buy the brush (because apparently using their brush is the best way to apply this foundation) however I bought just the foundation and went to a slightly cheaper shop (boots) to see if they had a similar brush. And guess what? They did! (and for half the price too!) I bought the 'Eco tools Custom Coverage Buffing Brush' and it works just as well! So girls if you are looking for a good coverage foundation with a flawless finish I highly recommend the 'Bare Minerals READT SPF20 Foundation'! Bye Beauties! xo 

Foundation: http://www.bareminerals.co.uk/bareMinerals-READY-SPF20-Foundation/UKMasterReadyFoundation,default,pd.html
Brush: http://www.ecotools.com/brushes/face-tools/custom-coverage-buffing-brush

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