HAUL! Drugstore & High-end!

What is that big yellow round thing in the sky? Is it that the sun I see?! In Britain?!! These past few days have been lovely, and I could get used to lounging around in 26 degree heat! Although as I write this, it looks like a glum winters day I am hopeful that the heat will return! Has the weather been good where you are? 

Yes, I have been taking advantage of the good weather and have been out... shopping (as usual)! I hope you enjoy my little haul featuring things from the drugstore and some high end pieces! 

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche La Palette Nude Eyeshadow Palette Rose - £14.99

I had been eyeing this palette up for ages, contemplating whether I should buy it or not, but I finally bit the bullet and decided to go for it! The beautiful warmer, pinky toned colours eventually won me over!

While wandering through Debenhams, I spotted this lovely palette from Urban Decay. It has 6 of the best selling shades from Urban Decay, and also 6 never before seen shades! I fell in love with the concept and had to have it.

L'Oréal Paris True Match Foundation- £9.99

I was on the hunt for a new foundation, and had heard quite a few good things about this one! I had heard Amelia Liana raving about this foundation and I knew I had to have it! I tried it yesterday and it looked truly amazing on, just like a high end foundation. 

Rimmel Kate 107 Matte Lipstick- £5.49

Before I bought this lipstick, I had never tried any of the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks! I was pleasantly surprised, as the colour was really gorgeous!

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Extraordinaire- £8.99 

I did not actually plan on buying this lipstick, however L'Oriel had a 3 for 2 deal on and I simply could not pass up the offer and i'm so glad I did! I tried this lipstick on yesterday and I fell in love! The colour is so pretty on the lips and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a nice light colour for the summer.


I had been eyeing this lipgloss up for quite a while and after I heard Louise (sprinkle of glitter) talking about how good it felt, I really wanted it! Although I did not notice a huge difference to the size of my lips, it does feel really strange yet nice on the lips! It is a lovely colour, however it is quite sticky, and I would probably not wear this somewhere where I needed long lasting colour.

Now this is a lipgloss/stick that is well worth the money! I had heard lots about these liquified lipsticks and was SO eager to try them out. The colour lasts for AGES and you don't need tons of product to ensure that it lasts! I am obsessed with this product and will indeed be purchasing more shades!

Who has not longed for one of these beautiful glosses?! The packaging is just so lovely, and the product itself is breathtaking! I had bought this colour for my prom and it did not disappoint! It looks gorgeous on which is why I am not surprised that it is one of the most popular colours! 

These were also prom purchases! I needed a gold pigment for my eyes, and as I was paying for 'Old Gold', "Kitschmas' caught my eye and I knew that this colour would look gorg!

Before I and bought this primer, I had never really used an eye shadow primer before! I knew however, that I needed one for prom so I picked this one up! This primer refuses to let any eyeshadow budge which is amazing for the occasion, but maybe slightly annoying when you are trying to take it off! Nonetheless I love this primer so much and I never knew how much I needed it until I had it! 

When I first came across this in Boots (about a year or so ago) I was slightly skeptical about this water. After hearing everyone rave about how amazing this was however, I went out and bought it! This stuff is seriously amazing. It makes your skin so smooth and calm (if you get breakouts) it is seriously amazing for £4.99! Quick go and get yours from Boots now as they are reduced to £3.00 for a big 400ml bottle! 

Soap & Glory Face Soap and Clarity 3-in-1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash- £6.40

I am a very lazy person when it comes to washing my face in the morning, so I thought by buying a nice facial wash it would motivate me to wash it properly in the morning! I picked this one up from Soap and Glory and I really love it. It leaves your skin feeling so soft and has a really lovely scent to it too! 

REPURCHASE OF ROLLER LASH!!! If you follow me on twitter or have read my previous blog posts, you will know how obsessed I am with Benefits Roller Lash Mascara. It makes it look like you are wearing false eyelashes! Although I wouldn't normally sped this much on a mascara I just love how this makes my lashes look, and it is totally worth the price! Love, love, love!

So that concludes my haul, and I hope you did enjoy it! I was thinking of maybe doing a video in the future, maybe a favourites video?! Please let me know if you would like that as I would be more than happy to film it! Do you have any of the things I have mentioned in the haul? What is your favourite?xox


  1. I like that Nars smudge proof eye shadow!
    Hope to purchase it soon..

    Thanks for sharing this lovely post, hun..
    Btw, I just followed you on Bloglovin :)

    Jhem | JhemSays.com

    1. thank you! I love the primer too, it is amazing! x

  2. So many great products !


  3. Would loveee to hear how that Loreal palette is! I have been eyeing palettes for a while but I just do not want to spend a ton of money on one!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

    1. it is really lovely! I will do a review for it soon if you would like! x

  4. Great haul! i love all of those items! You got some good palettes!


  5. That Urban Decay palette has such insanely beautiful colours!


  6. Wow you've had a lot of fun spending. :)
    I have been eyeing that maybeline palette but I am also thinking about asking for the Naked 3 which I think it is similar to for my birthday :) I love the look of the mac pigments too. I am pretty jealous of all the lovely stuff you got to be honest


    1. I have had a lot of fun haha! Ohh I don't have the Naked 3 palette but it looks lovely and I am very tempted to buy it as I dont have a lot of the colours it has! x

  7. Aw I love this UD palette! Amazing colors! All of these are so cool!

  8. I've been wanting to try the Roller Lash for so long now! X

  9. Such great products.
    I love the fact that DIOR is now on drugstore.
    Great review dear

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  10. The L'Oreal palette is gorgeous, so many drugstore brands are coming out with nude palettes, also the Roller Lash mascara is on my wishlist!


  11. I have my eye on that same eyeshadow primer-I've heard it's a great product! Lovely post and great haul!
    xo Kiki

  12. What a great collection of products! love the urban decay eyeshadow <3

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  13. I love the melted and kate moss lippies as well :) would love to try the roller lash though

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  14. You have such a nice blog! Can't wait to see your new post!


  15. You are so beautiful and you picture looks so charming

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  17. you are a sunshine girl and charming,good day


  18. Great haul! The l'Oréal palette looks so pretty, and the shades are perfect for the autumn. I'm not surprised that you're obsessed with the Roller Lash, it is an amazing mascara!

    Julia xx
    | http://www.juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.fr |