Makeup storage!

Hey guys!! I'm sooo sorry I haven't been posting as often, this year in school is my busiest and most important year and I have recently had no time at all to do anything but homework! Hope you guys understand! Nevertheless lets get on with this blog post!

Today I thought i'd show you how I store my makeup. Recently my makeup collection has been growing (it's not huge yet!!) and I had been running out of space on my makeup table to store it all! Yesterday while I was thinking about how I could store all my makeup yet still keep it organised, the thought came to me. 

I didn't have any dividers at home (you could probably buy them at a craft store if you wanted) so I thought I'd try the next best thing - plastic transparent tubs! These are freaking amazing to store anything and I managed to squeeze 5 in my drawer. The best thing is that these boxes can be bought for £1 out the Pound shop (suprise suprise) and they also come with lids so you can put them on top of each other if you are tight for space! 

This is how I managed to store mine. In the top left box I have all my foundations and primers that I don't use on a day-to-day basis. 
On the next box along to the right I have all my powders, bronzers, blushes, and cream blushes. 
In the box at the top right I have all my concealers.
In the box under the powders, I have all my lip products; lipsticks, lipglosses, baby lips, and other chapsticks.
And in the last box at the bottom right I have all my mascaras and eyeliners.
To the far left of the lip products box I have 1 small eyeshadow palette and a few foil samples behind it. 

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about how I store my makeup! How do you store your makeup? I'd love to know so it can give me more ideas!xox


  1. So far all of my makeup is stored on top of my dressing table which is actually a chest of drawers haha, so I really should get some trays like these ones. x


  2. What a brilliant idea, I have all mine in wicker baskets, hair stuff in a huge one, my make up in one the next size down, nail stuff in a smaller one, and another small one for my lip balm obsession and lipsticks.
    Tara x


  3. Your invited! Find out more! http://laureysfashion.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/my-life-right-now-my-blogger-community.html

  4. What a great deal on the containers! I couldn't find any at the dollar store, so I had to get them from Bed Bath & Beyond and they cost more :(