Review - Lush 'Toothy Tabs'

I was recently in Lush and I was greeted by an excited employee who told me all about their new product. 'Toothy Tabs'. 'What are they?' you may ask. Well they are toothpaste tabs which you put in your mouth, break and they foam up like toothpaste. They are economically friendly as they don't come in all the excess packaging that normal toothpaste does. I thought I'd give it a try. They have lots of flavours ranging from the normal mint flavour to wasabi flavour! (Why would you want to brush you teeth with wasabi??!)

They come in this box and it contains quite a few to do you for a few weeks or so. 
The toothy tabs are round small white pill like things which you put in your mouth, break with your teeth and then proceed to brush your teeth with once they foam up.
When I used them, I honestly didn't like the taste at all and didn't feel as if they cleaned my teeth as well as normal tooth paste would.
As much as I love Lush, I personally would not recommend this product, I am going to be sticking to my old toothpaste!
Have any of you guys tried this product or want to try it out? let me know what you thought of it!xox


  1. That seems like such a weird product. I love LUSH don't get me wrong but...I prefer toothpaste and water thanks. haha great post! Great review!! :)

  2. These look interesting but I think I will stick to the normal method of cleaning your teeth! Your blog is great!
    Lucy x


  3. This is just far too strange for me, Lush is my favourite shop by far and I have tried out nearly all of their bath bombs, melts and bubble bars, but as for these, no thank you. You're braver than me, I've looked at them for over a year, but cannot bring myself to try them, and glad I haven't after reading your review. Great blog by the way, keep it up. I'd love it if you could pop over to mine and have a snoop around.
    Tara x