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20 Things That Make Me Happy!

This blog post is inspired by a few different youtube videos I have seen in the past few weeks, so I thought I would make a post about 20 things that make me happy and hopefully some of these things make you happy too! If you want to a similar blog post about 20 things that make you happy go ahead and feel free to tell me so I can go and read yours! These are in no particular order, just the way they come to my mind so here goes...

1. My mumma! She makes me really happy every day and I love her loads!
2. Frozen Yoghurt. Especially Chocolate fro yo mmmm
3. Having good times with friends
4. Boxing day sales! Gotta love a good bargain haha!
5. Going shopping in general, I laav it!
6. Cute animals. Im a huge animal lover and would probably have a zoo by now if no-one stopped me haha!
7. Blogging! I love fashion, makeup, hair & beauty and blogging about it!
8. Watching Youtube videos
9. Getting and trying out new makeup products
10. Drawing something and it actually turning out right
11. Going on big long walks or bike rides
12. The dream of working in the fashion/makeup industry one day
13. Buying and styling new clothes
14. Achieving something I have worked really hard for
15. My hamster!!
16. Helping out less fortunate people
17. The feeling after finishing all my homework
18. Coffee mmmm
19. Getting good feedback on my blog posts
20. The smell of Lush

So that was 20 things that make me happy, do tell me if any of these things make you happy too! Feel free to make your own '20 things that make me happy' and do tell me so I can read yours too!xox


  1. You've inspired me! Now I'm going to go over and make my own '20 things that make me happy' post!:)
    Ariana // Thoughts Through a Teacup

  2. Great list! x

  3. Wonderful post!!! :)


  4. i agree for most of them! xx


  5. love this post

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