For the past few months I have been loving something that I hadn't really taken much notice of before. Candles! After a visit to the Yankee Candle shop I fell in love with all the different colours and smells! These are the candles I have been burning lately or I have newly purchased. 

This first candle is one that I purchased recently (the day I'm writing this!) and it's burning this as I write this! It literally smells like Christmas and I think it would be how Santa's grotto would smell! I love it so much! 


I love the smell of cranberry so I knew I would love this candle. It absolutely love the smell of this however if you don't like the smell of cranberry or sharper scents you may not like it as much.

As you can see this is a candle that I have loved very much! It is black which is why some people may not give it a second look, but the colour intrigued me and I just loved the smell! It is quite a perfumey and slightly musky smell which is why I was drawn towards it!

These next two candles aren't from Yankee Candle, but recently my mum brought home a Glade candle and I was blown away with how amazing it smelt so I simply had to go and get two of my own!
This candle also smells of Christmas! It is a limited edition for Christmas time and it smells amazing!  It smells of ready made macaroons, and it is not sickly sweet either which is good! 

And last of all this candle literally smells of chocolate and honey mixed together. It is beautiful and I fell in love with it. This one wasn't from the limited edition collection but it smelt so good, I had to get it!

I really love the seasonal candles, they smell so festive! Do you guys like candles? What are your favourite scents?xox


  1. Very nice post! I love scented candles a lot. My favourite is vanilla essence.

    Katarina x

  2. Nice post!!! I'm not a huge candle fan, but oh well! I'm gonna send this link to my sister. She's candle (or any scent for that matter) obsessed! Would you like to follow each other on GFC?! Let me know and follow me on my blog - I will follow you right back!

  3. hi there!

    what a lovely blog post !

    great blog you have here keep up the good work :)

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  4. i'm in love with this! great post x happy thanksgiving!

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  5. Hey! You recently commented on my blog on my candle post. Thank you so much! I have taken the time to read your post also. I absolutely love your blog and I will be following you on blog loving and stuff too! I'd love it if you'd follow me. :) Anyways you went all out with the candles. I saw the Christmas Eve one but I wasn't that keen on it. However you appear to have chosen a lot of really nicely scented candles I hope you enjoy them. Merry Christmas. :)


  6. I love all of the Christmas scents I need to get some new candles!

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  7. Nice blog :) Would you like to follow each other ? :)

  8. I want my house to smell like Santa's grotto. Haha. Need these.
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  9. I loooooooove candles lol, they are the best thing ever

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  10. really want to try the midsummer's night one!

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  11. I am addicted to buying Yankee Candles!!
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  12. Yankee Candles are the best, although I always get the small ones, as they last ages, and that way I can change them up more often.

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