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* Review - MAJESTIC BOMBAY Stainless Steel Ingrown Hair, SplinterTweezer

I am always on the hunt for good beauty products! Recently I got the 'Majestic Bombay Stainless Steel Ingrown Hair, Splinter Tweezer' and I was pleasantly suprised! 
These tweezers come in a little carry packet which I find very helpful. I can just throw these tweezers into my bag and the packet they come in prevent my hand getting stabbed every time I go into my bag! 
The little packet they come in is also very compact so won't take up too much room in your bag.

I have purchased tweezers like this (with a point) before yet they have never really gripped the hair. However I was very suprised with these as they really easy and quick to use! 

The point these tweezers come to is not only helpful to remove unwanted hair, but for also ingrown hair and splinters which makes them even more handy to carry around! 

These tweezers can be bought on amazon here 

Have you guys tried these tweezers or any similar tweezers before? How did you guys like them?xox


  1. They look amazing!
    If you would like to follow each other, please let me know on my blog as it would mean a lot, Thankyou! x


  2. I love these tweezers they are awesome and so sharp they really get every hair.


  3. I didn't even know tweezers like this existed! I would actually get some for my other half as he's forever nicking mine to get splinters out and it's really annoying haha!

    Kirsty X