Back to school essentials!

School is just around the corner (unfortunately) so today I thought I'd share with you what my school essentials are!

My skin gets super oily during the day so it's important for me that I carry powder with me to keep my makeup looking matte! I also carry around concealer because you never know when your skin is going to have a little tantrum!

I always carry some sort of lip balm. Either Vaseline or baby lips! I always carry a clear lip balm around but sometimes I want a little colour so I carry a tinted baby lips!

I don't know about you but I always have to carry a perfume around! It always comes in useful and my favourite at the moment is the new Paco Rabanne Lady Million 'Eau My Gold!'.

I also always carry around oil blotting papers as my face does get really oily! These are really hadn't especially after p.e!

GUM. GUM. GUM. I always have to have gum! I am so paranoid about my breath smelling so I have to carry around gum! But you have to be careful with it because if you give a piece to one person, the next minute everyone will want a piece!

My next must-have is hand sanitiser however I couldn't find any of my favourite hand-maid from Soap and Glory:(. This stuff smells amazing and its really good to carry around hand sanitiser just to make sure your hands are germ-free! You can view it from boots here.

So those were my essentials for back to school! Are you guys back at school yet? Do tell me what your back to school essentials are!xox


  1. Currently back at school already at the moment. It's been alright so far but I definitely enjoy holidays more, but who doesn't haha. My school beauty essentials also include an extra hair band and bobby pins. I don't know what it is but whenever I don't carry them I ALWAYS need them, legit, always. haha Lovely post :)

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

  2. NEED to get my hands on those oil blotting sheets, super handy, for day use and night-out purposes :D



  3. I absolutely LOVE baby lips! I have three of them at the moment and really want to try out the new ones :) I don't think I could survive without a lip balm!
    Lucy x