My favourite makeup brushes!

I have quite a few makeup brushes and have tried a few brands and I thought i'd share with youu current faves! 

The first three I have used and loved. The first one on the far left is my most recent addition to my collection. It is the real techniques powder brush and I just really love the way it applies the powder so smoothly and lightly.
The next one is the real techniques stippling brush. When I use liquid foundation this brush applies it perfectly to my face and it doesn't make it streaky or patchy at all. 
I don't know what I'd do without this last brush! It is the 'handy buki' brush by bare minerals. I love the way it applies my bare minerals foundation, it makes it looks really natural, gives you really good coverage and the foundation is really buildable with this brush if you prefer fuller coverage. Although it may be a bit pricey I really recommend it for powder foundations.

This next 'brush' actually has a sponge applicator. It is from Eco tools and I use it to apply concealer under my eyes and beside my nose. The sponge is curved and flat at one side which is perfect for applying foundation/concealer to different places.

My last brush is also from Eco tools and it's the tapered blush brush. I love this brush and have been using it for quite a while as it applies blush and bronzer very well! It makes the blush look very natural and the way the brush is made makes it amazing for applying bronzer also. 

So those were my favourite brushes at the moment, be sure to tell me if you have any of these and what you think of them, or what your favourite brushed are!xox


  1. You're blog is so cute! I really need to check out that sponge "brush." You're right - we do have a lot of makeup preferences in common XD


  2. I just ordered some real technique brushes! Can't wait to try them out :)


  3. Love your blog! I am really lacking when it comes to make-up brushes, I hardly own any but I am hoping to buy the Zoeva rose gold set with my birthday money :)