The Good Morning Tag!

I wasn't tagged by anyone to do this tag but I thought i'd give it a go!

1. What kind of alarm clock do you have?
I use my phone as an alarm clock and the sound of it is the song 'All Day" by Cody Simpson.

2. Do you have a snoozer?
yes! I set multiple alarms 5 mins apart so I wake up earlier than I have to but then I can just put them off and have '5 minutes more' till I really do need to get up! 

3. What do you do first when you wake up?
Check all my social media and then brush my teeth / wash my face.

4. Coffee or tea?
Depends on what mood I'm in. If I'm really tired then coffee, but if not then I love green tea and traditional english tea.

5. Window open or closed?
Definitely open in the summer! I can't sleep with it closed when its hot but in the winter it has to be shut!

6. Shower?
I dont shower in the mornings (usually because I don't have time) so I shower in the evenings.

7. Clothes already picked out?
I have a school uniform unfortunately :(

8. Breakfast?
I love strawberries and blueberries with fat free honey greek yogurt and granola on top, but if I'm in a rush then I will usually just have cereal. 

9. TV, radio or silence?
I listen to the radio while getting ready and watch the tv with my best friend as I eat breakfast.

10. When do you wake up?
On a school day around 6.30, but if its a holiday then whenever (usually around 10)!

11. Mood?
Usually tired and sometimes grumpy if I've not had enough sleep haha!

12. How do you sleep?
On my side.
So I just thought i'd do this Good Morning Tag as you guys may find it interesting to see what I do in the morning and what my routine is! I tag anyone that is reading this! xx


  1. hey! thanks for stopping by my blog. I usually don't visit when people ask but I thought, I'm feeling good today, and I'm glad I did click on your link :)

    I think I want to do this tag as well! Strawberries/blueberries and yogurt is such a cliche healthy breakfast - I literally see almost every blogger/vlogger eating it. I just eat granola by itself. I used to put yogurt, but now I just buy plain yogurt for my smoothie and I don't like the taste of it.

    Anyway, hello :)

    Arianne | http://ariannecruz07.blogspot.com

    1. Hey! This comment made me really happy :)!

      I used to just eat cereal every morning then I started watching a lot of vloggers and I thought it seemed like a really tasty alternative! I actually just experimented with the strawberries and blueberries and wasn't aware of how cliche it was till I started watching more vloggers/bloggers! I do try and mix it up from time to time.

      You should do this tag! I will look forward to reading it.

      Thank you for your lovely comment it really made my day! please stay in touch xo

  2. I eat yogurt for breakfast too! It's so good for your digestive system. I might do this tag! I don't have a snoozer haha. I would use it too much. Love this post :)

    I'm at doitfortheirony.blogspot.com <3

    1. haha, you should totally do this tag! I love yogurt and I have been getting into frozen yogurt recently which is super healthy! I just checked out your blog and it is amazing, I love it! :)

  3. Recently I have been making smoothies for breakfast with lots if fruit on them because they really fill you up! I am such a morning person :)