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Back to school supplies!

We may not want to believe it (I don't) but the summer holidays are coming to an end and although I hate the thought of going back to school I love buying new things for going back!
So I thought I'd show you guys a few things that I bought that I thought were so cute (maybe this will give you a few ideas too?!). 

I am in love with how cute my pencil case looks! I was on the Urban Outfitters website and came across this and knew I HAD to have it! I love floral patterns so it was perfect! 
You can check it out on Urban here

Pens.pens.pens. You can't have enough of them! These are my favourites, the blue ones are from paper mate and are like the only ones I use! The pink matte one is from WHSmith and the one behind that is from Paperchase!

 Although I like never use pencils, these caught my eye and they are so cute! They are from Faber-Castell. Instead of having the boring grey grips they have diamonds in them! The matte black one is my favourite and I will definetly be using these a lot! 

So that was my very small pencil case haul! Haha! I obviously have more like sharpners, rubbers, etc but I thought I'd show you the more interesting items! 
If you want me to do a post on 'must haves' for school then do let me know!

What are you guys looking forward about to going back to school?! Be sure to tell me if you liked any of my stationary and how organised you are for school so far!xox


  1. All the supplies are so cute, the pencils are my favorite. Loved your blog BTW :)



  2. Love the pencil case:)

    I have nominated you to take part in the 'Liebster Award'. Please take a look at the award on my blog, as I'd love you to take part!
    Much Love ♡

    1. Thank you so much for nominating me, but I have already done the 'Liebster Award'! Thank you anyway! <3

  3. Those pencils are amazing! I love a bit of new stationary! x


  4. Everything's so cute! Take care of them - I have usually lost most of my school supplies by Christmas. I'm not the most organised person.
    Lucy x