Review! The POREfessional

Today I am going to be doing a review on Benefit's 'The Porefessional' primer.
Apologies about the messy bottle! 
I bought this product for the first time quite a while ago and I think it was one of the first Benefit products I had bought. The product itself is tinted which means you don't have to wear it with makeup but you can if you prefer to. It is really easy to blend and work with and it covers your pores and leaves your skin feeling really somooth. 
I have actually re-purchased this product once as I used to really like it. However I'm not a huge fan of it now. The product clogs up your pores which is not good for your skin and I found out that this is what was breaking me out. After religiously using it, I stopped using it for a few days and I quickly realised that this was making me break out. 
BUT just because it breaks me out doesn't mean that it will break you out too! My mum and I have sensitive skin and it broke me out but didn't break her out. It's basically a trial and error with this product although if you are a teenager and have slightly sensitive skin I am sure it wouldn't sit well with your skin as it is mostly teenagers that are finding problems with the product. 

So because the 'porefessional' doesn't work with my skin I thought I'd try an alternative which is this from the Baby Skin range 'instant pore eraser'. This product surprisingly doesn't break me out and is also a lot cheaper which is kind of a win win situation! I feel that this applies more thinly than the 'porefessional' therefore not blocking your pores up as much!

view the 'porefessional' here.
view the 'baby skin instant pore eraser' here.

Do tell me what you guys think about these products! Do you love the 'Porefessional' or the 'Baby skin'?!xox 

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  1. Great review, never tried these products but will defianlty check these out