My Perfume Collection

This is a blog post I have been wanting to share with you guys for AGES, so to apologise for not posting as much this week (school has been hectic) here it is!

Whenever I have friends round, the always comment on my collection of perfumes. Over the last year I have collected a lot of perfumes and I would like to share some of my most used with you! I think I may have a perfume problem as I cannot simply walk past an amazing smelling perfume.. ANYWAY on to the collection!

I had an obsessive phase over the DKNY perfumes. They smell AMAZING and I think I bought every one that came out. These are the three I have left as I had finished the other ones I had. The red one on the left is 'Red Delicious' and this is a very sweet smelling smell. It is not sickening sweet however, and it really does last all day. The one in the middle is 'Be Delicious fresh blossom intense'. I don't usually like floral scents, but this really smells like a fresh blossom, there are no other words to describe it! The floral scent is not overpowering and I would definitely wear this out to a formal event. The last scent on the right is one of my favourites out of the collection. It is called 'Sweet Delicious'. I think this smells like a sweet apple, and I always get compliments when I wear this out!

I am a little obsessed with Juicy Couture fragrances, they all just smell so good! Starting on the left is  'Couture Couture'. I love this scent, it is quite a heavy scent and I love wearing this in Winter. It has lush tones of sandalwood and vanilla and I love wearing it when the weather gets colder. 
The next perfume is the classic 'Viva La Juicy'. I have went through so many bottles of this stuff, I just love it. It has a very sharp sweet smell, and some tones within it include honeysuckle, jasmine, sandalwood, praline and vanilla. This is my go-to perfume most mornings when I am getting ready for school. 
The next perfume is 'Couture La La'. This scent is my second go-to perfume. It has beautiful fruity tones in it and smells very feminine. This also has a little bit of a sweet scent. 
Last but not least out of my Juicy collection is 'Peace Love and Juicy Couture'. This scent used to be my go-to scent as you can tell as it is nearly finished! This has tones of honeysuckle, jasmine and linden blossom. It also has a slightly musky smell which is why I automatically fell in love with it. 

 My next scent is 'Dot' by Marc Jacobs. I don't have a lot of Marc Jacobs scents which I'm not sure why because I really do like this one! It is a very light and sweet scent which I am instantly drawn to! It has lovely notes of vanilla, musk and coconut and I think this is a very feminine scent. 

My last 'collection' of perfumes are these fragrances from Justin Bieber. I did buy 'Someday' and 'Girlfriend' (the one on the right and the on on the left) quite a while ago and I find these scents are not exactly the same but are very similar. These are again very sweet scents and very 'girly'. 'Someday' on the far left has a very fruity and slightly floral scent. 
'The key' in the middle is one I have bought quite recently as I loved the scent and whenever I wear it I get a lot of compliments. It has tones of vanilla and smells very musky and fruity which I love.  
'Girlfriend' on the far right is a very flirty and girly scent which also smells very sweet.

 This Ralph Lauren perfume is a very floral yet slightly spicy scented fragrance. This also used to be one of my go to perfumes but it started to get a little bit overpowering so I use it every once in a while now. 

And last but not least, my newest addition to my collection 'Lady Million Eau My Gold' by Paco Rabanne. I don't have the original 'Lady Million' but I do love the smell of it. When I smelt this one in the shop I knew it had to be mine! It has tones of mango and grapefruit and I feel this fragrance is a very fun, flirty scent! This is the scent i've been using more recently as I have just purchased it. I think it is a new favourite!

Finally I have reached the end of my makeup collection! Do tell me if you have any of these perfumes and what you think of them! Also if you know of any perfume I may like, do tell me and I will surely try it!xox


  1. You have such a great taste in perfumes! I used to have to red DKNY perfume a few years ago and I used to wear it all the time. I really want that Marc Jacobs one. The one you have and the newer Honey one both smell lovely. :) x

  2. you have so many nice perfumes! These are literally all my favourites x

  3. Lots of lovely perfumes, I love MJ Dot

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  4. I've frequently gone into perfume stores and sprayed samples of the Be Delicious, I think it's so elegant yet fun! One perfume I'd recommend for you is Daisy dream, it's slightly on the pricey side but perfume shops often have sales so be sure to look out for them. I got mine 20% off, and I absolutley love it! It's so fresh and classy. Love your blog hun!


  5. Awesome post! I would be happy, if you follow mine.. ♥

  6. lovely collection, I'm a big fan of DKNY, my signature scent is the original Be Delicious :D