VMA Fashion Review!

As you guys may or may not know the VMAs took place recently,and although I was not there (sadly) I really loved watching all the performances and looking out for what all the celebs were wearing!

The Kardashians

The three of these outfits are all very different, but also so cute. I really like the print on Kim's dress and although it is a bit revealing, I think it complements her figure and skin tone very well! Kendall's outfit is very different but also very grown-up and I think it complements her model figure so well. Kylie's elegant black dress is very elegant and also suits her edgy style well. 

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swifts outfit was quite different from what she has previously worn to award shows! Regardless I thought it suited her figure perfectly and looked really cute on!

Miley Cyrus

Miley looked very glamorous at the vma's this year! The leather trousers and bandeau suit her very well and I think I prefer this outfit over her outfit last year! She looks stunning nonetheless!

Lucy Hale

Lucy looked beautiful as always! The crop top with the lovely long skirt kept the outfit classy. The plain black crop top allows the focal point to be the skirt which has lovely detailing on it. I really love Lucy's outfit!

Ariana Grande

And lastly Ariana looked stunning as always in this super cute lbd. This girl can literally pull off any outfit and this one was no exception! The whole outfit is on point and the long leather boots really tie off the outfit! 

Did you guys watch the vmas? If so who's outfit was your favourite? I really loved Ariana's outfit and Miley Cyrus', both of the outfits really suited their style and conveyed their personality! Do tell me which one you liked the best! 
Hope you enjoyed this post!xox


  1. Hmm, I personally think these were some of the worst dressed! It just proves that everyone has different tastes :) x

  2. The one outfit I really liked was by Nicki Minaj when she performed with Jessie J and Ariana, despite the wardrobe malfunction!

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