Life update!

Hey whats up guys, I thought i'd give you a little info on what I've been doing lately and some info on whats coming on my blog soon!
Some of you may know I love youtube, and yesterday I got the amazing opportunity to go to my favourite Youtubers show "Miranda Sings (Colleen Ballinger) and meet her after the show!
I love Miranda Sings, she is such a funny character and if you have not watched nay of her videos go and check her youtube out here.

 This show was by far one of the best I have been to and I am so glad I got to go!

This was Colleens first time in Scotland doing a show and we were her first audience which made me feel quite important haha! She looked stunning when she came on first to introduce the show and sing 'Taylor the Latte Boy'
This is one of the many photos Rachel took when I got to meet her! I've never met a celebrity before and this is honestly what it felt like! I was so nervous and I was shaking so much. Before she came out we were told we were only allowed one photo and her sister Rachel was taking the photo! I watch Rachels videos on youtube too and I was so starstruck giving Rachel my phone to take the photo let alone standing with Miranda and giving her a gift! Rachel was so nice and so was miranda! I think she could tell I was really nervous so she gave me a huge hug when I gave her the gift and when my time was up with her, she gave me another hug because I was still in shock hahaha! 
I don't know if that last paragraph made ANY sense but I still can't believe I met COLLEEN BALLINGER! 
If the Miranda Sings tour comes anywhere close to where you live I definitely recommend that you go, because it will be such a good night! 

Okay so aside from meeting one of my biggest youtube inspirations, I haven't been doing much haha! School starts back for me in a week (sad face) and I am currently trying to catch up on all the essays and summer reading I was given back in June! I always tell myself that I will do all my homework at the start of summer so I won't freak out when school is about to start, but that never really does happen does it? 
So because school is starting back, I probably won't be able to upload a blog post as often as I am just now, but I will try my hardest to upload at least one or two weekly! This year is the hardest year of school for me ever so I will need to study really hard, but I will still try my hardest to upload as frequently as I can! 
Anyway that was just a little life update for you guys to tell you what i've been up to! Do tell me if you have ever met a celebrity or if you have ever met Miranda Sings! Be sure to tell me when you guys start school and how you are preparing for it!xox


  1. That's so awesome you got to meet her! Looks like a fun night. :)


  2. I love Miranda Sings to! It looked like so much fun! :) x


  3. That is so cool that you got to meet her! She seems so nice! Good luck in school, it'll go by quickly! :)

  4. omg! you met COLLEEN ? i'm so jealous >_< ... I'm a big fan as well, i'm a youtubers fangirl at heart hahah. your life right now is pretty much similar to mine getting ready for school, planing to get some things done early but never happening and knowing that as soon as it stars there will hardly be any blog posts. But yeah it starts in two weeks (frown face) Good luck and thanks for reading my blog :)
    xo - Rita

    1. yep haha! I can't believe how starstruck I was when I met her! She was so sweet though :) Good luck for starting back school! Keep in touch!xo

  5. Omg you met Colleen?! that's awesome, my friend and I love Miranda Sings, I think she's hilarious :D


  6. OMG! I love Miranda/ Colleen so much! I loved your blog, hope to read more of you :)

  7. Wow you met her, that's so cool, i like her a lot !
    Love your Blog !
    Greetings from Germany xx