This weeks style inspiration!

So this week my style inspiration is one of my favourite actresses... Ashely Benson! I love Ashleys style and I find that it is actually a lot similar to mine!

This first outfit is very sophisticated. The black tee she is wearing under her jacket is very basic and matches very well with the leather jacket which I am in love with! The leather jacket adds a little bit of an edgy feel to the outfit. Then the trousers add a pop of colour to the black outfit. Being black and white they cleverly tie the outfit together as they have black in them but also the white adds than pop of colour. The shoes and handbag are also black which make the pants the focal point for this very well put together outfit!

I really love this next outfit. The leather jacket makes an appearance again which gives the outfit a little bit of an edgy look. The printed t-shirt underneath the black jacket really makes it stand out which I find very effective. She is wearing a pair of very short shorts but the flannel comes down past her shorts which makes it more appropriate and also gives it a very laid back feel. 

The last outfit I have been loving from Miss Ashley Benson is this. The reason why I love this so much is because this outfit is the one i'd most likely be wearing out.  The printed tank is the focal point of the outfit, and the print is not too much nor too little. The flannel again tied around the leggings gives the outfit a very comfy, laid back feel to the outfit. I feel the trainers and the flannel just tie the outfit together perfectly. 

Be sure to  tell me what your favourite outfit of Ashley's is and who your style inspirations have been this week!xox


  1. I love her style! x

  2. I love Ashley Benson! I think I like the 1st outfit the most :)
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  3. Love the blog and her outfit in the third image is my favourite :)

  4. My style icon this week is definitely Cheryl Cole (or whatever her new surname is). She has just looked so gorgeous all week! x

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  5. Thank you for visiting my blog! Yours is great and I love Ashley. She is my favourite in the PLL :)
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  6. I love Ashley's jacket! I have a new post up in my blog, would mean a lot if you checked it out :)

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  7. I absolutely love your blog! Your posts are a great read! I enjoyed this, thanks! Keep in touch :)
    Karis xx