Summer Makeup Routine!

In summer, I don't like to have my face caked with loads of makeup, and this summer I found the perfect makeup combination that works best for me!

I always moisturise my face before I put any makeup on it and since its summer I swapped my normal olay moisturiser for this one which also protects your face as it has spf 15. 


The next thing I use on my face is this Instant Fatigue Blur by Maybelline. I picked this up not really having high hopes for it but it proved me wrong! This really wakes up your face and diminishes the dark circles under the eyes and covers any small spots.
 In the summer I don't really like using heavy foundation and it clogs your pores and ends up looking really oily on my face. So I use this concealer by the Fit Me range by Maybelline which I really like as I find it covers up dark circles and blemishes on the face really well! I apply this on any spots/redness I have on my face and also under my eyes. I am in the colour 10.

I have quite oily skin, so after applying my concealer to any problem areas I use my Real Techniques powder brush to apply my favourite Mac Studio Fix powder onto my face. 
 After applying my powder I usually like to use some blush. I mentioned this blush in my July Favourites blog post. It is a very light pink rosy blush which I think looks so cute and is a perfect summer blush! The blush is from Rimmel and is in the colour 050 Live Pink. The blush isn't too dark and is a perfect colour for summer. 

 I don't really apply any eyeliner so next I just use this Scandaleyes retro glam mascara from Rimmel. This mascara adds great volume to the lashes and when I use it I don't think I need eyeliner. This is one of my staple makeup products. 

To finish off my summer makeup look I use this baby lips electro lip balm/stick. I LOVE the colour it gives and i've found the colour stays for quite a long time too! I really love the new baby lips electo line!

So guys that is my everyday summer makeup routine! Let me know if you use any of these products and what you think of them! Also let me know what your fave summer products are so I can try them out! 

P.s The nail polish I am wearing in the pictures is the Tanya Burr nail polish in the colour 'Peaches and Cream' 


  1. Hey sweetie, thank you for commenting on my blog!
    Your blog is so cute ^-^

  2. Lovely make up tutorial! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!
    -Lauren xoxo

  3. LOVE your blog!
    I've really been wanting to try that Maybelline Instant Fatigue Blur since i've been seeing it everywhere!
    Is it a moisturizer?
    Lovely post! Looking forward to your future posts!

    1. Thank you!! It isn't a moisturiser, it 'wakes up' your face. I'm not quite sure how to describe it haha, but I use it as a primer underneath my makeup and it tones down red spots if I have any and minimises my dark circles! I wasn't too sure what I was buying at first and didn't think it would be that good, but I think it is definitely worth the price!

  4. Love your blog, you look so pretty and loved the products that you have used :) thank you for the comment on my blog.. please follow me on google+/ twitter :) x x


  5. Love your blog, great post! I really want to try out the mac powder! Xx


    1. Thank you! The powder is really worth it, it keeps your face shine-free while also giving a little coverage!

  6. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog :) I like the lipstick and btw followed you on bloglovin', hope you can follow me back :) x


  7. Love how your makeup turned out, I'm really loving Maybelline's Baby Skin products at the moment :)


  8. I love RT brushes! x

  9. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment, You were right our blogs are similar! This is a great post, the MAC powder is my favourite too! Your makeup looked lovely and you're so pretty :). by the way, I would recommend you get a Bloglovin' account if you haven't already-its free and makes it really easy for people to follow your blog and keep up with your latest posts! xx


  10. Great post! I like seeing what other products people use :D thanks for you lovely comment on my blog, hope you're having a great weekend :D